We supply aroma that brings you happiness and abundance (wealth)
Japanese aroma

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Major produced work

Japanese aroma

OMEGA Speedmaster / Speedmaster 60th Anniversary
SHUEISHA Inc (Publishing) / SPUR Magazine Aroma Supervising
Nippon Television Network Corporation / Astrological Aroma supplier
Fuji Television Network Inc / Astrological Aroma supplier
Japanese Actress Michiko Hada's special aroma mist

In our aromatic activities, the first priorities are happiness and fortune.
Why ?

Japanese aroma

The aroma must be one of the methods to make us happy and promote our wellness.
Our aroma contains not only the fragrance but also the charm that makes people happy.
All of our clients have successes on creating new images, new minds and new customers through new fragrance that we produced.

The wave of aroma brings harmony and prosperity to all of the people in the place.

Japanese aroma

How can we do that ?
The key word is “Japan”.
We can give new impression, excitement and smile to you by utilizing our sense as Japanese.


Japanese aroma

It is because only Minako can create special fortune aroma through arcane Japanese traditional process.
As an aromatherapist, Minako dedicated her life for fortune and healing activities for over 25 years. Over 5000 people came to have a counseling session with her and she made a special aroma for every client one by one. Her clients are not just individuals, but also companies, schools, and hospitals. Occasionally, she was asked to produce aromas for special events. She also has supervised magazines and web contents.

Minako's qualifications
Cert. in Aromatherapy associates IFA training course (UK)
Dip. in Aromatherapy(IFA UK)
Cert. in Aromatherapy (AIAHS US)
Cert. in Reflexology(Bayly School of Reflexology (UK)
First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand(R) Registered Practitioner and Tutor
established Japanese style aromatherapy, Astrological aromatherapy(R) in Japan.
And Japanese lyrical Noh divine performer

This may be your chance to open the door to new happiness.


e-mail:   info@kauri-jp.com (please refer to the title in Japanese Aroma)
tel:     + 64-21-227-9216

Japanese aroma

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